When testing and debugging, I often need to see how a web page looks like and behaves with Javascript / JS turned off. Luckily it is easy to turn off javascript in Google Chrome DevTools.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome DevTools

Either right click any element and choose “Inspect”, or use a keyboard shortcut (Mac/OSX: Cmd + Option + J, Windows: Ctrl + Alt + J)

You will see something like this bar:

Open Chrome DevTools

Step 2: Open the Run command box

Use keyboard shortcut:

Mac / OSX: Cmd + Shift + P

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P

You should now see this:

Open Chrome run command box

Step 3: Turn off Javascript

Start typing “Javascript” in the run cmd box. After a bit of the word, you will see the option “Disable Javascript” to turn it off, or “Enable Javascript” to turn it back on. Select it with the keyboard or mouse, and you are done. Javascript is now turned off in Google Chrome

Turn off Javascript with Chrome Run command

Step 4: Turn Javascript back on

Complete steps 1-3 and choose “Enable Javascript” to revert to normal:

Turn Javascript back on

There. With this post, I will never forget how to turn off javascript in Chrome again.

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