This little code snippet / function will effectively extract URL strings from a string in Java. I found the basic regex for doing it here, and used it in a java function.

I expanded on the basic regex a bit with the part “|www[.]” in order to catch links not starting with “http://”

Enough talk (it is cheap), here’s the code:

//Pull all links from the body for easy retrieval
private ArrayList pullLinks(String text) {
ArrayList links = new ArrayList();

String regex = "\\(?\\b(http://|www[.])[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%?=~_()|!:,.;]*[-A-Za-z0-9+&@#/%=~_()|]";
Pattern p = Pattern.compile(regex);
Matcher m = p.matcher(text);
while(m.find()) {
String urlStr =;
if (urlStr.startsWith("(") && urlStr.endsWith(")"))
urlStr = urlStr.substring(1, urlStr.length() - 1);
return links;

Book Recommendation

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