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Permanent Google Hangout Link

Permanent Google Hangout Link

So, would you like to know how to create a permanent Google Hangout Link?


We are using Google Hangouts a lot in my workplace. We use it for our nerd discussions, as well as our daily standup meetings. It is a great way for us to collaborate in a meetings without actually having to be in the room together. The one thing that we were lacking was being able to create a permanent Google hangout link, shorten it, and put it in our chat subject bar for easy access. IT turns out there is a very simple trick for doing that. (more…)

Rails 3 Magic Migrations

I Always forget what the Magic Migrations (migration generator names that automatically populate the migration with code) in Rails 3 are, so I thought I’d scratch my own itch and post them here for me (okay, and others) to find: (more…)

My LAIR IEEE published article

Okay – this will be the last repost of stuff from my old blog:

I had an article “LAIR: Language of Automatically Inferred Redaction” published in the IEEE paper ICSC, and as a result I, together with my project partner Steffen Hedegaard were invited (and went) to speak at the conference in Berkely, San Fransisco. Fun times. Here’s the article.

And the brag link: LAIR at IEEE (more…)

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