I have found a book that is really great. The best beginners’ book for Ruby on Rails 3 to me: The Rails 3 Tutorial book

I’m always learning new programming languages for projects (just have a look at the books ive read so far), and though they’re often very similar, a good book is essential to me in grasping new languages quickly.  For Rails, I started with Agile Web Development with Rails by the Pragmatic guys, but found that it was way too problem-specific and not giving enough real rails knowledge. So i went back to the official guides, which are very, very, very good.

Now, however, I have found what I was looking for: The Rails 3 Tutorial book

And to sweeten the deal, you can read it online for free (though I bought and printed it – you just cant beat the reusability of a book that you’ve underlined yourself) and there’s even a bunch of screencasts to further your education after reading the book.

Thank you Michael Hartl