My name is Søren Houen. I love computers, geeking, suit jackets, cats, and helping others. Often when I have had problem or need to do something, I will write a post about it here, so I can help others get through it a little easier than I did. That makes me feel good, and I will have given a little back to the community that has helped me prosper so much. Thank you all of you!

In my day-to-day life, I am head of development at the company BetterNow (, doing online charity fundraising.

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We feel that there is a gap between the “old fashioned” way of doing charity fundraising where you have your supporters run around with collection boxes, and the generation that I am a part of. For us, the most normal place to do any kind of community effort is on the internet, and in the global community. I feel like the team and I can offer the charities a bridge between these two worlds, helping them to make the most of their online presence, and together we can hopefully change the lives of even more people who need it for the better.

As I am writing this, I just launched our Italian site two days ago, bringing us to now a total of eight european countries, and we are quite excited about that 🙂