Java code to get URL from a string

This little code snippet / function will effectively extract URL strings from a string in Java. I found the basic regex for doing it here, and used it in a java function.

I expanded on the basic regex a bit with the part “|www[.]” in order to catch links not starting with “http://”

Enough talk (it is cheap), here’s the code:

11 thoughts on “Java code to get URL from a string

  1. scb says:

    Nice article.

    As I’m new to regex, please help me to find out odfuscated urls, as following. Thanks in advance


    • Houen says:

      You’ll want something like this:

      • scb says:

        Thanks Houen, for your prompt reply.

        Probably my earlier post not so clear. We are filtering URLs like “” , but some intelligent users :)using obfuscated URLs like following

        www (dot) xyz (dot) com
        www [dot] xyz [dot] com
        www {dot} xyz {dot} com

        So my question is how to find out above patterns from a string. Thanks in adavance

      • scb says:

        Hi Houen

        I resolved this issue as following, Please let me know your comments. Thanks

        import java.util.regex.*;

        public class Replacement {
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

        // Create a pattern to match cat
        Pattern p = Pattern.compile(“\\((dot\\))|\\[dot\\]|\\{dot\\}”);

        // Create a matcher with an input string
        Matcher m = p.matcher(“www(dot)example(dot)com www[dot]example[dot]com www{dot}example{dot}com”);

        // Loop through and create a new String with the replacements
        boolean result = m.find();
        StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
        while(result) {
        m.appendReplacement(sb, “.”);
        result = m.find();

        // Add the last segment of input to the new String

  2. John Ortiz says:

    Thanks for this. It is working correctly. See you later.

  3. lmn4971 says:

    Another way of doing this is to split the string with parameters that define where the URL is:

    String extractedurl = in.readLine().split(“=’|’”)[1];

    where the URL is =”URL”

  4. voji says:

    Great article. I tweaked the regexp first part to:


    now can accept https and ftp too.

  5. lucas says:

    great script, thanks!

  6. sumon says:


  7. James White says:

    I was looking for some sample code to convert URL’s in a string into actual links. This set me in the right direction. Thanks!

  8. Swarnim Prabhat says:

    What if link is with https ?

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