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New direction

I am taking the blog in a new direction. I will in the future focus more on high-level aspects of a tech startup. Examples of post I may write are:

  • Why your startups office absolutely needs a polariod picture wall.
    • Hint: Employee happiness, but not in the way one would think.
  • When push comes to shove: Why you should favor simple code over smart code in a tech startup
    • Hint: Teamwork & Developer turnover.
  • Why you need to have a VPN for your developers
  • How to get more applicants for your tech job positions

Are you particularly interested in one of these topics? Is anyone still reading this blog?
If yes and yes, then please write it in the comments, and I will get to it sooner.

All my old posts are still available via direct links. I have removed them from the overviews to get a fresh blog start.


Blog hacked

So my old wp blog was hacked, and hence I’ve purged the whole thing and done a clean install, since I had to move servers anyway – and here it is!

I’ll also be moving the blog in a more professional direction – more on Computer Science stuff and my projects, and less “softie stuff” 🙂 (more…)

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